Imperion MECH 10 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Price RM209.00
Product SKU IMP-MECH10
Brand Imperion
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  • Kail LH Blue Switch
  • High Qualitiy Aluminium Panel
  • Custom RGB Light Effect
  • Gold Plated USB USB Connector
  • Full Keys Antighosting
  • Double Colour Injection Keycaps
  • Suspended keycaps Design

Package Content & Design
Just like Mech 7, Imperion Mech 10 shares the same packaging design. And all the information are located at back of the package as well. No user manual here. Learn all the functions and features at the packaging will do.

Imperion Mech 10 has the same high quality aluminum top panel. And using plastic as base too. The cable is braided and has magnet ring while USB plug is gold plated. And comes with velcro tie for cable management. As expected, the keycaps are injected with double colour to make sure that characters never fade even under heavy use. Everything is great except the character keys are not so visible without LED lighs. Not a deal breaker as who bought a RGB keyboard and use it without LED lighting? 

There are 6 anti-skid pads including 2 rubber anti-skid pads on keyboard legs at bottom of the keyboard. Cable output is fixed on the right side.  
Having the same high profile keycaps and lovely yet colourful LED lights too. 

Performance Result
Imperion Mech 10 is using the very same blue switches like its brother – Long Hua LH. Therefore, they share the same characteristic. Tactile feedback and actuation force are almost like Kailh blue switches. Much better than Outemu (and Xinda). One thing that I noticed, it is a bit slightly louder than Mech 7 maybe due to different back panel design but quieter than Outemu and on par with Cherry MX sound level. Outemu is the loudest among all. Overall, LH / Kailh is a good choice to get for mechanical keyboard starter. Great for gaming and have good feel when typing. 

Yes, every key that you pressed will all be registered no matter how many keys that being pressed. That’s what NKRO (N-key rollover or 100% Anti-Ghosting) keyboard does. Imperion Mech 10 performs flawlessly here for sure. Furthermore, Windows key can be disabled to avoid accidental interruption during gaming. A must have for hardcore gamer. Lot of Fn shortcut keys for casual users as well. Multimedia control like play/pause, next/previous and stop. Volume control and several quick launchers like calculator, my computer, browser are there for you all. 

13 colourful LED lighting effects!!! Imperion Mech 10 does colour up my life. Just pick the effect that suit your mood that day. Personally, I love the colourful rainbow effect the most. Put it on slowest paced and it is so relaxing. By the way, there are 5 lighting preset (Fn + 1 to 5) for your favorite games. And they are customize-able too. Just pick the colour that you prefer. Finally, there are 3 brightness levels to select and can be turned off totally as well.

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