CLiPtec RGK827 MEGOSOURIUS USB Illuminated Mechanical Pro-Gaming Keyboard
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Product SKU CL-KB-RGK827
Brand CLiPtec
Size (L x W x H) 44.7 cm x 21.06 cm x 5.9 cm
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  • Solid and Craving Design
  • 15 FN Combination Function Keys
  • Durability Keyboard
  • Per-Key LED Customization
  • 7 modes LED Illuminated Backlight
  • Full Anti-Ghost Rollover Keys
  • Tactile Force Key
  • Adjustable Keyboard Height​

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CLiPtec RGK827 USB Illuminated Mechanical Pro-Gaming Keyboard 'Megosourius' is a mechanical professional gaming keyboard which combines solid profile ABS top cover finish and a removable palm-rest. It is constructed with outemu blue switches with 50 million times keystroke lifespan construction with double injection for keycap. An adjustable stand is installed at the bottom of the keyboard which can adjust the angle of the keyboard to fit their requirements. 

Full anti-ghosting, which is particularly important especially for FPS gamer which multiple keystrokes are constantly necessary. It is pre-programed the many FN combination keys for your useful function that is surely offering you the greatest convenience, No matter you want to volume up and down, louder the speaker, start on email anytime, all can be done by amazing one press of these specially designed quick access buttons. 7 modes illuminated backlight patterns with full adjustability for speed and bright are also included directly into keyboard hardware like: LED spreading diagonal, running, spreading, waving, breathing and single LED lighted. 10 group of LED can be customization for the different games.

  • Solid and Craving Design
    104keys solid unique real metal edge-crafted top plate design and performance using outemu mechanical blue switchs keyboard.

  • 15 FN Combination Function Keys
    User can be utilize the pre-programed 15 one-touch FN function keys  for multimedia, lock and anti-ghosting keys convenience while gaming or on casual use.

  • Durability Keyboard
    Using outemu blue swithes with 50 million times keystroke lifespan construction with double injection for keycap.

  • Per-Key LED Customization
    Allowing per-key LED customizability, can control the LED to each individual key, so you can set the keys that matter to light up.

  • 7 modes LED Illuminated Backlight
    7 modes illuminated backlight patterns with full adjustability for speed and bright are also included directly into keyboard hardware.

  • Full Anti-Ghost Rollover Keys
    100% full 104 anti-ghosting key technology lets you strike with an unmatched combination of speed and precision.

  • Tactile Force Key
    Feeling of assurance that their commands are being executed exactly. Each key requires less force to 60g for blazing fast in-game responsiveness.
  • Adjustable Keyboard Height
    Adjustable tilt legs that maximize comfort.

FN Combination Control Keys
Anti-Ghost Keys         : Press FN + SL to switch between 6keys or 104keys anti-ghosting function switch (Default is 104 keys)
FN Lock                       : Press FN + PS to lock all the FN function keys.
Factory Reset             : Press the FN + Esc for 3 seconds.

FN Multimedia Control Keys
Media                                        : Press FN + F1 to start media system
VOLUME -                                : Press FN + F2 to derese volume
VOLUME +                               : Press FN + F3 to increase volume
Mute                                          : Press FN + F4 to mute sound, press it again to resume sound
CD Stop                                    : Press FN + F5 to stop the CD
Previous Track                        : Press FN + F6 to set media previous by one track
Play/Pause                               : Press FN + F7 to begin play a video file, press it again to pause the file
Next                                           : Press FN + F8 to set media next by one track
Email                                         : Press FN + F9 to start the email system
Home                                        : Press FN + F10 to go to the default home page
Computer                                 : Press FN + F11 to start the "My Computer"
Calculator                                : Press FN + F12 to entry computer calculator


FN Composite Control Key
Win Lock          : Press FN + Win Key to lock the window key, release when press again


Illuminated LED Pattern
Hardware (Default)
FN + PB                                                         : LED spreading from diagonal to direction
FN + INS                                                        : LED running
FN + HM                                                         : LED spreading
FN + PU                                                         : LED waving, press again, LED constant
FN + DEL                                                       : LED breathing
FN + END                                                      : LED customization mode (10 group)
FN + PD                                                         : Single key LED on
LED Brightness +                                         : Press FN + Pg Up is to 3 steps brighter the LED light
LED Brightness -                                          : Press FN + Pg Dn is to 3 steps lower brightness of the LED light
LED Spreading/Breathing speed down  : Press FN + left arrow to change the spreading or breathing speed down.
LED Spreading/Breathing speed up       : Press FN + right arrow to change the spreading or breathing speed up.


Customization LED Groups
1. 10 group customization LED for 10 different games (FN + 1 to FN + 10)
2. Press FN + 1, then press FN + EDN, enter customization model, LED indicator is flashing. Then set any key LED on as you want. Press FN + END again, setting completed.


  Interface   USB 2.0 / USB 1.1 Compatible
  Keyboard Dimension   447(L) x 210.6(W) x 59(H) mm
  Weight   950 g ± 5 g
  Cable Length   1.80 m with magnet
  Cable Type   Braided Cord
  Key Quantity   104 keys + 12 FN keys
  Switch   Outemu Blue Switch
  Switch Life   55 million times life
  Bounce Time   ≤ 5 msec
  Operation Force   50 ± 5 gf
  Tactile Force   60 ± 5 gf
  Operation Temperature   0oC to 40oC
  Storage Temperature   -20oC to 60oC
  Compatible OS   98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, WIn8 and Win 10


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